Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Youth Orchestra

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Youth Orchestra was established in September 2015, is the ideal of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra participating in social practice and using the advantage resources to cultivate more music talents. As the youngest orchestra in Shenzhen, the total members of the orchestra is more than 280 and the members are under the age of 20 by giving opportunities to them for learning classical music professionally.

The music director of the youth orchestra is Lin Daye, the Music Director of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and the Associate Professor and Head of Teaching and Research of Conducting Department at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; the famous youth musician Huang Zuqi as permanent conductor of the youth orchestra. Besides, the musicians of the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra are giving the professional guidance to improve the art level and orchestral experiences of the youths who are learning the western instruments.

Through the connection between Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra brings the affiliated youth orchestra to get the chances to music exchange from local and overseas, regular concerts for presenting the artistic style of Student Orchestra of Shenzhen. On 29 May 2016, the affiliated youth orchestra has participated the “Beautiful Sunday” series of Shenzhen Concert Hall as inaugural concert and received praises and encouragements from audiences and media. Since then, the affiliated youth orchestra has performed often at the Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theater, Shenzhen Library and Shenzhen Children Library. On 28 May 2017, successfully performed at the Happiness of Growth Community Concert which organized by Shenzhen Municipal; On 18 June, has been invited to participate at the 1st Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Cultural Exchange Art Season Closing Ceremony concert with praises and warmly welcome by audiences; On 3 Dec, had music exchange with the Australia Queensland Youth Orchestra. In 2018, the affiliated youth orchestra has been invited to attend the Asia Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra Festival and received acclaimed.

To strive for innovation and rapid growth are the goals of Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Affiliated Youth Orchestra by pouring this young city-Shenzhen with strongest and powerful music.