Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (SZSO)

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (SZSO)

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (SZSO) was founded in 1982. After more than 30 years of explorations and efforts, SZSO has since distinguished itself as having a high level of excellence and a rising international profile in China and aiming to become one of the Asia’s leading orchestra with international influence.

Violinist Mr Nie Bing is the current president of the orchestra, music director is the distinguished conductor Mr. Lin Daye. Mr. Yu Long as artistic advisor, Mr. Christian Ehwald as honorary conductor, Mr. Tan Dun as principal guest conductor.

The orchestra has toured regularly around China since 1987, making stops in many cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Sichuan and Xinjiang. The orchestra has also done regional tours in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in that time. On the international stage, it has toured in over four continents, spanning countries such as the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Korea, Thailand and other cities and has received international acclaims.

Since 1994, the orchestra has participated in major festivals including the 4th China Art Festival, 3rd China-International Piano Concerto Competition, Shenzhen-International Piano Concerto Competition, China Conducting Competition Concert, Beijing Modern Music Festival, National Center for the Performing Arts Festival,Shenzhen ICIF Art Festival, Turkey Istanbul Music Festival, Izmir Music Festival, Ankala Music Festival, Mittelfest, Ravello Wagner Music Festival, Bellini Music Festival, French Dinar Music Festival and 1st World Buddhism Symposium. They have received many praises in regard to these various performances. They have also been involved in many events on the CCTV. In 1997, they were invited to Europe and were the first orchestra from China to perform at the Berlin Philharmonie Hall and Smetana Concert Hall in the Czech Republic. In 2007, they were also the first orchestra from Asia to perform at the Cathedral of Saint-Louis des Invalides in Paris. In 2013, the orchestra was invited by UNESCO to perform the Confucian Symphony “Ode to Humanity” at the UNESCO Headquarters City Hall.

In 2016, the orchestra has received international acclaims for the Chinese New Year Celebration performances in the United States and Canada. “Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra implacable grandeur performance could have graced the pit of any regional opera house in the United States or Europe” by the Washington Post. In September, the orchestra emergence on the international stage of the Ljubljana Festival, Emilia Romagna Festival, Merano Festival as well as Radiro - International Radio Orchestras Festival in Romania invited by the Emilia Romagna Festival and Radio Romania with acclaims. In 2017, SZSO has toured to four countries of middle east Europe with the title of “One belt, One Road” and performed at the Budapest Liszt Concert Hall, Austria Klagenfurt Concert Hall, Bratislava Slovak Radio Concert Hall and Prague Smetana Hall. In 2018 Chinese New Year Eve, the orchestra has been invited to return to Kennedy Center for the the Chinese New Year Celebration performance and received well acclaims.

Throughout the years, the orchestra has cultivated long lasting collaborations with great conductors and soloists such as Lv Qiming, Chen Gang, Tan Dun, Ye Xiaogang, Tang Jianping, Wang Ning, Huang Anlun, Zhang Qianyi, Eric Kunzel; conductors such as Li Delun, Huang Xiaotong, Chen Bianyang, Tang Muhai, Chen Zuohuang, Zheng Xiaoying, Shui Lan, Hu Yongyan, including renowned international conductors such as Kirill Petrenko, Daniel Oren, Edvard Tchivzhel, Guido Johannes Rumstadt, Lior Shambadal, Husco, Michael Foster and Smart. The orchestra has also performed works by famous composers like Lv Qiming, Chen Gang, Tan Dun, Ye Xiaogang, Tang Jianping, Wang Ning, Huang Anlun, Zhang Qianyi, Eric Kunzel; and has featured soloists such as Lang Lang, Li Yundi, Chen Sa, Wang Jian, Qin Liwei, Qian Zhou, Lv Siqing, Ning Feng, Chen Xi, Zhu Dan, Zuo Zhang, Arto Noras, Oxana Yablonskaya, Kun Woo Paik, Antje, Weithaas, Midori and Diana Tishchenko as well as famous singers, Dai Yuqiang, Liao Changyong, Song Zuying, Zhang Liping, Huang Ying, Dilber Yunus, Wu Bixia, Yin Xiumei, He Hui, Jose Carreras, Carlow Struly among others.

On the home front, the orchestra has focused on actively supporting the works of local composers. Noteworthy pieces are the premieres of the Choral Symphony “Ode to Humanity”, “Symphonic Folksongs, Hakka Rhyme” and “Harmony of the Divine Land” which have received critical acclaims from professional musicians, audiences and the media. The orchestra is passionate about supporting the Shenzhen local symphonies. They also perform the works of local composers and promote the culture of Shenzhen annually.

Being the finest orchestra, performing a public service, and bringing over elegant music into the society” is the motto of the orchestra. Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra will not only reform, but also innovate, overcome difficulties, constantly play out the “good voice” of Shenzhen, and made due contributions to the dissemination of advanced culture and the development of Shenzhen's cultural undertakings and the “China Dream”.