Celebration --Children Day’s Concert

Author: 深圳交响乐团 ,View:1839

Celebration --Children Day’s Concert

Shenzhen Concert Hall




星期日(Sunday) 19:30

Conductor: Haofu Chai

Program planning for the Children's Day Concertis always one of the highlight through every music season, which is very popular among children and parents in Shenzhen. As SZSO assistant conductor Chaihao Fu, a new generation young Chinese conductor is also the permanent conductor of Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupes Symphony Orchestra, he haswon several awards in the international conducting competitions, and can be regarded as one of the best among his peers.

Click the link to watch full concert: https://v.qq.com/x/cover/mzc00200eoi4jh5/q0034mx6lep.html?