Classic Belt -- Kindred Spirit of Mahler

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Classic Belt -- Kindred Spirit of Mahler

Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra 2019-2020 Season & 7th Shenzhen Piano Festival Opening Concert

Shenzhen Concert Hall



Xian Xinghai: The Yellow River Piano Concerto (arranged by Yin Chengzong, Liu Zhuang, Chu Wanghua, Sheng Lihong)

Mahler: Symphony No.5 in csharp minor

Conductor: Daye Lin

Piano: Chengzong Yin

This year marks the 80th anniversary of theYellow River Cantata composed by Xinghai Xian, lyric by WeiranGuang, at the same time, also in accordance with the 50th anniversary ofYellow Piano Concerto adapted of the Yellow River Cantata. SZSO invited the famous Chinese pianistChengzong Yin who participated in rearrangethe Yellow RiverPiano Concerto to Shenzhen in an effort to bring this magnificent and patriotic masterpiece to the stage.